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Superfood Mushroom Vegan creamer that actually gets creamy! Add to spōr, coffee, or tea for a declious vegan alternative to creamer that doesn't taste like mushroom OR coconut.


MCT Oil for inceased energy throughout the day

Acacia Fiber for added prebiotics and dietary fiber

Tremella mushroom to help boost collagen production naturally and packed with antioxidants

Tiger's Milk mushroom to help detoxify the lungs and bring down inflammation for respiratory health

Celtic salt for added electrolytes and immune system support


Dosing Guide:

  • Add 2 tsp to spōr, coffee or tea drink


Superfood creamer for respiratory support


Ingredients: MCT Oil Powder, Acacia Prebiotic Fiber, Tremella Mushroom, Tiger's Milk Mushroom, Celtic Salt


10 servings = 50g

20 servings = 100g

40 servings = 200g

80 servings = 400g

160 servings = 800g



*This product is still in the soft launch phase. This means that it is still hand packed and sealed with stick on labels. We spent as little as possible on the packaging so you can get the best price on the product itself. When we hard launch with new printed packaging we will offer a discount for our loyal Spor customers. 

Krēm - Mushroom Superfood Vegan Creamer

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