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What is fungi? And how does this kingdom differ from plants and animals? Also learn about the life cycle of a mushroom and the difference between mycelium and fruiting bodies. This difference is important to know when you're choosing the right mushroom products for you.

about fungi

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mushroom news

The latest in fungi news and psychedelic news for mental health.


what are the different kinds?

Dive in to our favorite list of mushrooms and the wonderful benefits they hold. Hopefully you'll too fall in love with these mushrooms the way we did.

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We donate a percentage of proceeds to a list of nonprofits dedicated to psychedelic research and therapy for mental health. Check back when we release new collections that donate to even more non profits. click the link below for the list we donate to. Is there a mushroom nonprofit you stand by? Email us to let us know: so that we may consider adding them to the list.

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We have complied a list of our favorite fungi resources so you can learn more about this amazing kingdom.


Interested in learning more?


Did you know only 5-10% of all fungi has been discovered?

Here are some other facts about the fungi kingdom that will blow your mind!

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