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Let your pooch walk with a bit o' funk with the Fun-guy Dog Collar! This bestseller is made from recycled materials and features an adorable mushroom design. So show off your pup's playful personality with this one-of-a-kind collar! (It's fun-gal approved!)


Size Chart:

XS: 8-13 inches (20-33 cm)

S: 11-17 inches (28-43 cm)

M: 13-20 inches (33-50 cm)

L: 17-26 inches (43-66 cm)

XS/S sizes are 5/8 inch width, M/L sizes are 1 inch width


Made from: 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles

Color: white

Style: Bohemian, modern, outdoor, active, minimalist, modern


Eco-friendly goods for outdoorsy dogs and dog moms, sustainably made in Michigan

Fungi Recycled Dog Collar

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